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admin 1000 Members - Our First Milestone!

by Rakano -

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Dear Users,

We just hit the 1000 members mark after we opened 1 Month ago. The first milestone is reached and I will use this thread to say thank you to every single one who participated so far!
The support and positive messages regarding our project NudoLeaks.com in the last couple of days and weeks have been oustanding. We had to face different bugs and the launch was a bit bumpy. Nontheless we kept going, improved our theme, fixed bugs, listened to suggestions and used the feedback to become a better board in terms of usability. We are aware that we are lacking some content, some more HQ users and some features. But if you followed us during the last days you may have noticed we got a lot of stuff done.

And that's the perfect initiation to present you our new theme along with new features.
The new theme has a nice and enjoyable mobile version. Check it our with your mobile device and let us know what you think.
A big thanks to @Shadow who worked hard with us the last days to develop our new theme. It was a joy to work with you during these days and we are happy that you stay as developer in our team. Welcome on board!

  • Adding a credit system and new usergroup

Additonally we added a new usergroup called "Active". This is our 4th and last usergroup that's reacheable with likes - 500 to be more precise. The perks for that usergroup are similar to Supreme and comes with an unique and flashy style.

Last but not least we installed and configured a credit system. You are able to get credits with postings, threads and daily rewards. The earned credits can be used to give your thread a fancy thread title, buy yourself a sticky or to get your favorite award. You will find a more in depth thread regarding this credit system and it's benefits in the News section in a couple of days. Brand new awards, that are only obtainable with credits, will be added during the next days.
Important: For now you can't buy credit's with real money. They are only obtainable with activity and contribution.

That's it for now. Check out our little fireworks, grab some water (champgain when we hit 10k) and enjoy the view.
And again: thank you to every single one that's a part of this journey. Without you we wouldn't be here and I promise you we will never settle with mediocrity.

NudoLeaks.com Admin
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